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VL500 – Wireless Option to Pay At The Table

Valor Paytech offers many payment solutions both at the table as well as at the checkout counters. Valor VL500 is their wireless option that lets customers pay at the table using the wireless POS terminal.

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VL500 Android POS 3.1
VL500 Android POS 2.1

Versatile Android POS Terminal – Valor Terminals

  • POS device which can be handheld</h3 >

    The device has no chord limitation and can be held in the hand, this offers great convenience and comfort to the customers.

  • 5.5” large Touch Screen display</h3 >

    More room to conveniently view the transaction details makes the device an ideal choice for the merchant since it provides a detailed account of the transaction to the customer and nothing is hidden

  • Secure technology using Android platform</h3 >

    Security is always of utmost importance in any financial transaction and using these devices to make payments is no different. VL500 is an android based device that is both secure and reliable.

  • Detailed Transaction Display</h3 >

    Having a full view of complete transactions ensures nothing is missing in the payment total. Due to terminal size limitations almost always display of some of the information has to be compromised. Valor VL500 is capable of showing the entire transaction information such as the total sale, tip, and Non-Cash Charge.

  • Pay At The Table option & Signature Capture</h3 >

    VL 500 provides the option for the payment to be handled at the table with its wireless device and captures the signature without any hassle.

Unmatched Payment Options

  • Option to opt for paperless signature and receipts</h3 >

    After the completion of the transaction, Valor terminals lets their clients have the option to receive their receipts via email, SMS text, or paper. This ensures fewer costs due to paper savings for the clients and increases profitability.

  • Contactless Payment </h3 >

    VL500 gives a contactless payment option to those who are dealing at the counter to take and process payments with no obligation to touch the customer’s card. The Valor terminals have a built-in option to execute contactless payment and can accept eWallet payments such as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Google Pay.

  • Bill splitting made easy </h3 >

    Valor VL500, lets the client offer its customers to split the bill up to 5 ways. This is of high value in today’s busy world. Best suited in a restaurant or such environments where splitting of the bill is common. The user of VL500 can enter the total amount of customers splitting the bill and give the customers the terminal to process their individual transactions.

  • Convenience to Tip</h3 >

    VL500 provides 4 different options to choose from for tipping when the customer is settling their payments. The merchants have the option to set and customize these options while using Valor VL500. Both on-paper and on-screen receipts can be used while smart tipping.

  • Cash Discounting / Surcharge on Tip</h3 >

    Cash Discount/Surcharge often comes with a cost overhead of 4% Non-Cash Charge on all tipping which the merchant has to pay. Valor Playtech VL500 removes this charge resulting in enhanced profitability by lowering costs.

  • GPRS / 4G and Wi-Fi Connectivity</h3 >

    VL500 supports GPRS/4G, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure constant connectivity.

  • Automatic failback connection convenience </h3 >

    Valor VL500 has the capability to automatically transition between ethernet, Wi-Fi, and 4G connections when a failback occurs and in case of the client’s standard connection failure.

VL500 Android POS 1.1

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