Valor VL110

Ignite your audio experience with power and precision - Valor 110

VL110 comes with the following features:

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Cash Discounting or Surcharge On Tip Valor_PayTech

Cash Discounting / Surcharge on Tip

Valor VL110 provides its clients with an option to have the ability to add a Cash Discount/Non-Cash Charge fee or Surcharge percent to tip at a Pay At The Table environment. In a normal Cash Discount/Surcharge Pay At The Table environment, the merchant always ends up paying the 4% Non-Cash Charge on all tipping. Valor 110 eliminates that charge to the merchant, resulting in reduced costs and ultimately increased profitability.

Tipping made easy

Tipping is optional but offers 4 different options to choose from, set and customized by Valor 110’s users can provide the desired push needed to tip. Smart tipping is available both on paper and on-screen receipts.

Smart Tipping Valor_PayTech_Image
Bill Splitting Valor_PayTech

Bill splitting with convenience

Splitting the bill was never this easy! With Valor 110, the client can offer its customers to split the bill up to 5 ways. Extremely beneficial in a restaurant or any other environment where splitting the bill is often required. The VL110 allows the server to enter the total amount of customers splitting the bill and give the customers the terminal to process their individual transactions. It gives the option to the server to enter the total amount of customers splitting the bill and runs the individual card transactions on their own. The terminals automatically split the transaction total evenly amongst the total number of customers.

Zero paper usage

Valor 110 gives its clients an option to process paperless receipts by sending those via SMS, email, or on paper. This helps reduce paper usage benefiting the world at large and the business by helping reduce their operational costs. 

Paperless Signature Receipt Option Valor_PayTech
Contactless Payment Valor PayTech_1

Transactions without contact

VL110 enables those at the counter to opt for receiving and processing payments without physically touching any plastic money. The Valor VL110 terminals are equipped with a contactless payment option that can accept eWallet payments such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Android Pay. This is the need of the day and Valor provides it error-free every time. 

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