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Zero Cost Credit Card Processing: Merchant Trends

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Merchants spend 2-3% average in payment processing fees for every transaction made using a credit card.

Payment processing costs include interchange fees payable to the client’s card-issuing financial institution, assessment fees imposed by credit associations (MasterCard, Visa, etc.), and secure merchant services fees payable to payment processing companies. Secure merchant services fee is the only element of credit card processing fees that may be negotiated, yet they account for just a tiny portion of the overall fees paid by the merchants.

Many merchants have faced the inevitable processing costs of credit cards as they have become the most common payment method within the United States, and that’s why many

merchants are looking for ways to get free credit card processing. Businesses strive to reduce costs to zero by using cash discounting or surcharging, also known as zero cost credit card processing.

Zero-Fee Credit Card Processing

Zero cost credit card processing is a free cost payment method in which a business owner smartly compensates their processing costs by providing their customers both credit and cash pricing. It implies that payment by credit has a little higher price to offset your processing fees. It’s a rapidly-growing program in the industry because it allows company owners to pay their processing costs while keeping their affordable rates. It’s the best and free payment processing option available, and it can save businesses up to 100% on credit card processing fees.

These expenses can be paid in three different ways by businesses:

Cash discounting

It is an approach in which businesses offer a lower price to clients who pay with cash. It is common at petrol stations, where credit card payments may result in costlier per-gallon pricing than cash transactions.

Convenience fee

In this approach, a merchant charges a fee to consumers who wish to pay by credit card at the time of purchase. The convenience charge is generally a fixed cost, independent of the payment made or the items purchased by the customer.


In this approach, a merchant includes the free payment processing cost in the transaction cost made by the customers. Many secure merchant services providers and payment processing companies have specific regulations against this. Customers are supposed to be informed about merchants’ fee policies by posting signage in online and physical stores. Surcharge fees are charged less than 5% on the total payment.

Even if you can transfer the free payment processing fee to clients, you will have to pay for PCI compliance fees plus various other related account charges. You must also evaluate the effect on the client as no one likes being surprised by costs at the checkout.

Is Zero Cost Credit Card Processing

Right for Your Business?- Pros & Con


  • Cost reduction.
  • Expenses are easier to anticipate.
  • Increased profitability.


  • Bad Customer Experience.
  • It may be against the terms and conditions of the providers.
  • It’s complicated to streamline with several different rates and elements to consider.
Payment Processing

You can avoid paying payment processing costs with a zero-cost credit card processing merchant service account. Customers who pay with a credit card also accept to bear the cost. When a consumer swipes their credit card, the terminal notifies them of their total cost and gives them the option of accepting or rejecting it. It’s that simple: after the customer pays the charge, you earn 100% of the transaction.

No Fees

Avoid payment processing costs; you’ll be able to earn 100% of your profits.

No Agreement

There is no yearly agreement to think about, and you may cancel at any moment.

Fully Compliant

Follows all the state’s laws and regulations.

Bankcard enables businesses to save money while serving cash and debit card users more equitably. If a customer chooses a credit card for ease or uses a debit card at no extra cost, free credit card processing transfers the credit card processing fee to them.

You are still accountable for debit card payment processing costs as a company, even if they’re directly related to the processing. However, if your company performs many credit card transactions every month, it could be worth looking into.

Implementing Zero Cost Credit Card Processing


Before implementing free credit card processing, double-check that it’s lawful in your country. If it’s unlawful for you, there are other options for making low-cost payments. Aside from the legalities, ensure that you are not violating any contractual obligations you have with secure merchant services providers and other financial institutions that you work with.

Choose a provider

If your present payment processing company or point-of-sale (POS) system doesn’t offer free credit card processing, you will need to consider options. Savvy Merchant could be the best option for you. With our zero cost credit card processing service, we will take care of all elements of getting your business on track.

Inform Your Clients

If you implement any modifications regarding free payment processing in your store’s policies, let your customers know. Consider the following essential touchpoints:


Update your policy page, plus put a banner notification on the homepage of your website (enable clients to dismiss it if it interferes with their visit). Consider creating a disclaimer next to price information about the product and adding it to the website’s FAQs page.


Keep your customers up to date on what new happenings or modifications are going on in the company as well as how it affects them. Instead of focusing on the advantages to your company, prefer to highlight the benefits (discounts) customers will receive.


Train employees to inform customers of the changes and urge them to avail benefits of cash discounts when they do an in-store transaction.

Are you prepared to implement no-fee credit card processing?

If you’re a small business owner who’s tired of spending too much on credit card processing, a free credit card processing option is ideal. You will save not just on credit card processing costs but also on PCI fees, monthly charges, and other expenses. With Savvy Merchant’s zero cost credit card processing solution, you no longer have to stress your credit card processing cost.

Just sign up for our Zero Fee credit card processing program and be prepared to witness the potential of our Zero Fee credit card processing program while saving hundreds of dollars every month? Please feel free to contact us.

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