TOP 5 Free Business Checking Accounts for Startups

The best business checking account is the one that’s right for you. Find out which banks are best and also learn credit card processing tips.

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Why A Free Bank Account is Important to Business Owners or Entrepreneurs

A free bank account is essential for business owners or entrepreneurs because it offers them many benefits. It helps them to avoid the high cost of processing credit cards. Moreover, it provides them with a safe and secure way to store their money.

The first benefit is that they can use the account to process credit card payments. This is beneficial because it will allow them to take advantage of all the perks that come with credit card processing, such as fraud protection and chargeback protection.

The second benefit is that they will have access to a debit card for their business, allowing them to make purchases without having to carry cash or write checks. This is beneficial because it means they won’t have to worry about carrying cash or writing checks, which can be inconvenient if they travel or shop in person.

TOP 5 Free Business Checking Accounts for Startups And Small Businesses

Summary: TOP 5 Free Business Checking Accounts  


  • Bluevine is the best overall bank for free business checking accounts that earn considerable interest.
  • Novo is great if you want a free business checking account for online transactions.
  • Relay is best Best for businesses that do wire transfers often
  • Bank of America is the best traditional bank for free business checking accounts.
  • Grasshopper is the best digital-only bank for getting cash back when you use your debit card.



Bluevine is our pick for the best free business checking account because there are no monthly fees, and you can make as many transactions as you want for free. Bluevine only charges fees for wire transfers that leave the account, ATM withdrawals that are not part of the MoneyPass Network, and cash deposits.

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Novo is an excellent choice if you want a free business checking account and often take money out of an ATM. It pays back all ATM fees at the end of the month, no matter how much they are. It also doesn’t have a monthly fee, limits on the number of transactions you can make, a minimum opening deposit, or a minimum balance.

The bank also offers up to five reserve accounts, free unlimited billing, and great software integrations with accounting and payment software. You can’t order checks, but you can send paper checks for free from the app. One problem with Novo is that it doesn’t offer any loan products.

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Bank of America is our pick for the best free business checking account at a traditional bank because it has low monthly fees and great rewards. It has two business checking accounts: Business Advantage FundamentalsTM and Business Advantage Relationship Banking. As the needs of your business change, you and your banker can decide if you should switch between the two types of accounts.

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Grasshopper is great if you want a free business checking account with excellent cash back rewards and a good APY.

There are no monthly fees or limits on the number of transactions. There is a $100 minimum deposit to open the account, but there is no minimum balance requirement after that.

Another benefit is that each account comes with the payment software Autobooks for free. Also, the account works with accounting software like QuickBooks.

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Credit Card Processing Services How They Affect Your Business

Hotel merchant services

Credit card processing services are the backbone of any business. They are the key to the success of any business. Also, these services provide an easy way for customers to pay for goods or services using a credit card.

Credit card processing services are crucial for any business that accepts credit cards. They allow companies to accept payments made by credit cards, some through free credit processing services, mobile credit card processing, and more.

The payment is made by swiping the card through a terminal or manually entering the information into a computer. The terminal then transmits data via telephone to a merchant account provider, who processes it and sends an approval code back to the merchant within seconds.

There are many types of credit card processing services, such as mobile credit card processing, free credit processing, and traditional in-store credit card processing.

Mobile Credit Card Processing: Mobile Credit Card Processing is a service that allows businesses to process payments via their smartphone or tablet. This service benefits small businesses because it does not require them to invest in expensive equipment.

Free Credit Processing: Free Credit Processing is an excellent option for businesses who do not have the funds or the time required to invest in traditional in-store credit card processing. With this service, the company only pays a transaction fee when they receive money from the customer.

Bonus Section: Credit Card Processing Tips

Many small businesses are looking for credit card processing services that they can afford. The cost of the service depends on several factors. These include how many transactions you process, how often you process them, what type of card you accept, and your monthly volume.

An excellent way to compare different credit card processors is by looking at their rates per transaction or month. You should also look at the fees they charge for monthly minimums and transaction fees.

One of the credit card processing tips is that you should only accept credit cards from reputable sources. This means that you should not accept cards from people with no credit history or people who have been turned down for their cards before.

You also need to make sure that the person presenting the card has identification with them because this can help verify their identity and prevent fraud. Do you want to know more about credit card processing tips for your business? Visit Savvy Merchants; you can see lots of blogs to help you start with credit card processing services for your business.

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