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Stripe Alternatives: Top Payment Processing Companies

If you’re looking for payment processing companies, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the best of the best here.

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What is Stripe and How Does it Work?  

Stripe is a payment processing company that offers easy, reliable, and secure transactions. The company began as an online business to process payments for other businesses. They have since expanded their services to include several different products, including Stripe Atlas, a set of tools for running an internet business.

Moreover, Stripe is a US-based company that provides online payment processing services. In the past few years, Stripe has been able to grow as it has been able to provide a service that many businesses need. It is not just for e-commerce websites but also for small businesses and freelancers.

Stripe is a payment processing company that was founded in 2010. It is one of the most popular and widely used services for online payments.

It offers a range of products, including

Stripe Connect: Which allows businesses to process customer payments over the internet.

Stripe Checkout: This is Stripe’s online payment form embedded in websites or mobile apps.

Stripe Relay: This provides an API for developers to integrate with other systems and Stripe accounts.

Stripe Terminal: This allows businesses to accept credit card payments through physical terminals and kiosks.

Summary: Top 3 Alternatives to Stripe  

Square: It has the best online payment services and credit card processing systems for local establishments. Starts at $0

Clover: It provides POS software, equipment, and fast credit card processing. Starts at $0.

Venmo: It offers instant payments and social features for businesses. With really low processing fees.

Top Payment Processing Companies: 3 of Stripe’s Competitors  

Payment processing is a crucial aspect of running a business. And many different platforms can help you process payments for your business.

Many of these platforms offer something unique, and some are better for specific industries than others. So, it’s essential to research which platform will work best for you and your business.

Stripe is a well-known payment processing company that has been around since 2011. It was created by Irish brothers Patrick and John Collison to help small businesses accept payments online without having to set up their merchant accounts or deal with other providers like banks.

In addition to its core product, Stripe also offers other features such as fraud prevention tools, customer support, and access to a global network of financial institutions in 190 countries worldwide.

Stripe is one of the most popular payment processing companies in the world. It has many competitors that offer similar services at a lower price. However, there are many other options out there for you to choose from;


Undoubtedly, Square is a perfect substitute for Stripe. It has the best online payment services and credit card processing systems for local establishments.

In addition to having reasonable rates, using a flat-rate pricing structure, and not charging any subscription or maintenance fees for its bare-bones processing service, it also uses a flat-rate model.

Its processing service includes free point-of-sale software, which can be a boon to startups and other small businesses. If you own a small business, you should read this review to learn more about Square’s credit card processing service and why it is our top recommendation.

Because only the most fundamental processing hardware is required, it is accessible to businesses of all sizes and sole proprietors, freelancers, gig workers, and independent contractors. To begin taking payments, you need only acquire a card reader and corresponding app for use with your mobile device.

Learn about Square


Clover is another excellent option that offers incredible online payment services. It provides POS software, equipment, and fast credit card processing. It lets you accept online orders, mobile payments, gift cards, and loyalty programs without a separate POS and credit card processor.

Clover’s credit card processing and POS software costs under $10 per month. New businesses have a lot to manage, so a credit card processing service with transparent pricing, flexible terms, and integrations is helpful. Because of its flat-rate pricing, month-to-month contracts, and affordable POS software and hardware, Clover is no question to be a great payment processing option.

Learn about Clover


Venmo offers online payment services. It is a mobile banking app that sends money to friends and businesses. Once payment is made, it appears on an overall and user’s feeds unless they’ve changed their privacy settings. This lets users track their payments, like mobile banking apps, and like and comment on friends’ payments.

Venmo offers instant payments and social features for businesses. Merchants pay 1.9% plus 10 cents per transaction, as with credit card processing and other online payment processors.

Learn about Venmo

Summing Up: The Online Payment Processing Service for You

Online payment processing is where Stripe shines. Having an online marketplace, Stripe’s abilities are hard to beat. It has real-time information tools, automatic payouts, abundant resources to operate in a global market, and the ability to create a subscription-based business model.

Stripe is ideal for launching a new e-commerce venture due to its user-friendly interface, straightforward pricing, and absence of any hidden fees. But, just remember, many payment processing companies are also moving so fast in the market and offer tons of advantages to businesses.

If you want to know more about online payment processing, you can always visit Savvy Merchants.

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