Retail Merchant Services

Efficient and Fast Payment Processing Options to Enhance Your Retail Business

Maintaining a brick-and-mortar retail business is no easy job. With rapid technological advancement, complex new methods of payment are introduced to us every day.

For an industry that relies significantly on payment processing, retail demands merchants adapt accordingly and provide their customers with quick and seamless payment methods. We understand that this can become quite a heavy burden to bear, especially when the equipment you have is notup to the notch.

With the retail industry relying heavily on consumer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty, it becomes even more crucial to provide your customers with easy payment methods.

After all, the convenience you offer them is directly translated into how many times they come back. At the end of the day, this is what your success depends on; the number of customers you are able to retain.

Keeping all your payment needs in mind, we offer services that intend to help merchants keep their businesses at par with the world’s ever-changing technological landscape. It doesn’t matter what your business is; our services are orchestrated in a way that will make payment processing easy for you regardless of where or who you are.

What makes us different is our focus on YOU – all the equipment we provide has been designed keeping your needs and requirements in mind.

Retail and POS Systems

The relationship between the POS system you use and the success of your business is oftentimes undermined. Your business can deteriorate in the blink of an eye if the POS system you use is inefficient and slow.

The performance of your POS system significantly influences the level of convenience offered to the customer. If your system lacks, you may lose a customer. You may even lose several, and that, to your business, can be monumentally detrimental.

To avoid that from happening, we provide the best, most-efficient POS systems that accept a wide range of payments. These include:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Cheques

By allowing your customers to pick across a diverse range of methods, you can generate more sales, loyalty, and success. We understand how vital these elements are for any business, and therefore our equipment is carefully crafted to ensure that these ideas become a reality. We can provide you with:

  • Printers
  • Cheque Readers
  • Card Reader
  • Pin pads
  • & more.

Contact us now to get your hands on the most efficient and cost-friendly solution to your payment problems.

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Restaurant Merchant Services

Why Choose Us?

By now, you might be wondering why we would make the right choice for your retail business. So let’s make the choice easy for you by breaking down how we can help you out boost your customer service and provide the best experience to your customers that would keep them coming back.

Safe Payment Methods

The retail industry attributes great priority to the customer’s comfort and security. We acknowledge that and aim to help you create a safe and convenient environment for your customers and their payments. We offer high quality, PIN-pad ready devices so that you don’t need external hardware to make those debit sales.

Efficient Mobile Terminals

Our equipment is built to cater to every business, even the ones on the go. Companies that require mobile equipment also need it to be extra fast to ensure that the payment process is not compromised.

Our services will provide you with just that; systemized equipment that works at the speed of lightning.  If your retail work requires you to travel to the customer or your workers, have to move about the store, rest assured that we have got your back with our efficient, wireless technology.

Adequate EMV Compliance

Our equipment is compliant with EMV, which means that you can seamlessly process credit card payments due to the Chip-based acceptance in place. By employing this method, we ensure that your customers can conveniently use their credit cards and contribute to your business.

Lightning Fast Transactions

In every business, speed plays a significant role in maximizing success. When it comes to the retail industry, it is even more so because customers prefer fast transactions. Our equipment, with its latest and advanced built-in technology, like VX250, offers you a lightning-fast experience and ensures that neither you nor your customers have to deal with the hindrance of inefficiency.

Ease of Use

The easy buttons and controls on our equipment consider both comfort and security and, in turn, provide you with convenient and effortless navigation. Your customers will face no difficulty operating the devices supplied by us, meaning satisfaction for them, you, and us.

Your Retail Business’ Success and Growth - Our Priority

Our services and equipment have been carefully crafted following YOUR needs in mind. The entire process, to the very last detail, is tailored to suit your needs. Your success as a business is our top priority, and our services are here to prove that.