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Credit Card Merchant Terminals

Merchant Terminals for Small Businesses

Merchant terminals are machines that helps in the verification of the validity of plastic money at the counter. The device scans verify and identify any expired, stolen, invalid, or damaged card. It is also called an electronic data capture terminal (EDCT) or point of sale machine. The machine helps secure merchant services to avoid scammers. 

The system also helps track and print receipts and track plastic money (credit & debit card) payments, you could say that it’s the complete merchant solutions for businesses that need the extra boost in speed and efficiency when dealing with clients or consumers. Today, credit and debit cards are the most commonly used methods of payment in the USA. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Francisco, plastic money accounted for more than half of the payment instruments used in 2018. Therefore, a business does not stand a chance without a credit card terminal.

Having a free card machine for small business allows small businesses to increase their customer base and reduce the amount of time they spend on the front counter. With the convenience of a free card machine, people are more likely to shop at your store because it makes the process easier. You can also increase your sales by offering discounts and other incentives for people who use a free card machine for small business.

Fortunately, using a free card machine for small business is a convenient and attractive way to get customers in a small business. These machines can be used to offer discounts, which can help businesses increase their sales.

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Boost Your Small Business with a Free Card Machine Terminals

A free card machine for small business owners is an advantage especially if you are looking for a high-impact marketing strategy. It is also beneficial for those who don’t have the funds to invest in marketing campaigns.

As one of our credit card processing tips, if you aren’t exactly sure how to tackle getting a credit card terminal of your own, you can buy or lease a credit card processing terminal for your business. The price of the machine is approximately a hundred dollars while a lease varies from tens of dollars to the cost of buying the electronic data capture terminal. Therefore, you should consider the leasing and purchase cost before settling for any of the options.

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Different Types of card machines for small businesses

The differences between the credit card machines are more software-based than hardware. Also, you should go for merchant terminals that meet both your software and hardware requirements because they are all important to secure merchant services that are applicable for your business. Here are the types of card machines for small businesses:

  • Traditional, conventional or physical credit card machines

  • Integrated POS payment terminals

  • Portable or wireless credit card terminals

  • Virtual credit card terminals

Traditional Swipe Debit Card

The standard credit machines are a good example of the traditional credit card terminal. The distinct characteristic is the connection to the internet through cables and simple gadget features. Some of the machines have a keypad for the PIN, while others require just a swipe.

Integrated Point Of Sale Terminal

This system is the most comprehensive because it includes all the software you need to run a business. However, these features come at an extra cost. Integrated credit card machines have a point of sale, receipt printers, hand scanners, large display monitors, and PIN pads.

Wireless Credit Card Machine

As the name suggests, these card machines for small businesses are not connected to any wires, making it portable. The machine uses WiFi to transmit data from the hardware to the software (internet). After scanning a credit or debit card, the information is sent to the internet through a landline network.

Virtual Credit Card Terminals

Unlike the other types, virtual credit card terminals have no physical device. The system allows merchants to receive payment through virtual swiping. It is ideal for businesses where there are no points of sale.

How card machines for small businesses Works

  1. The customer provides their credit card to the merchant.
  2. The merchant swipes the credit or debit card’s magnetic chip through the slot of the ATM card reader.
  3. After that, the device captures the customer’s information and transmits data for verification.
  4. Then, the customer is requested to key in the PIN.
  5. The credit card machine accepts or rejects the request.
  6. The order is processed if the request is successful.

Although some credit card machines do not prompt a PIN request, it is an essential security feature. In virtual credit card terminals, the app or software can be open or require PIN verification. 

The choice of the best point of sale machine depends on the nature of your business. For more credit card processing tips and tricks, you can contact us here at Savvy Merchant as we’ll be able to not only provide you with solid advice but as well as complete merchant solutions for all your payment processing needs.

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