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Professional Lodging & Hospitality Merchant Services

Get the latest free payment processing options for your lodging business and hotels to improve the way your business runs. In today’s corporate world, the hospitality sector can be quite demanding and can take up a lot of your headspace. Whether it is ensuring that the customer service is consistent or that the business place is spotless; Maintaining lodging is far from being a simple, straightforward feat. That is precisely why you need to organize everything well and we don’t mean just the physical aspect of how your restaurant or hotel looks but as well as how it runs on the back end. There can be no room for troubles or errors in regards to hospitality merchant services, else you run the risk of losing business due to a customer’s dissatisfaction.

Merchant accounts for lodging businesses are complicated in comparison to other industries, it’s one of the key reasons why you need a decent provider to give you fast and secure hotel and restaurant credit card processing options. Unlike other companies, lodgings require special arrangements to process their payments. Clients’ payments for hotels and other “check-in” places cannot be fully processed until the stay is over. For this reason, lodgings need extended authorizations over transactions. On top of this, hotels are also required to send accurate and valid payment indicators with the transactions because they are subject to special interchange rates and the best way to do that is to find yourself a company that will encourage your business’s growth by providing you with free payment processing services.  

As a lodging merchant, your hotel and restaurant credit card processing service demands are way more pressing than any other merchant’s. You need fast and reliable options that consider your business’s particular requirements and help you enhance the customer service you provide to your clients. You need efficient equipment that utilizes the latest technology to provide you with seamless payment processing.

Our hospitality merchant services provide all of that and more to save cost and the time and hassle wasted on inefficient means of payment. Our top priority is you and your business, and it remains you and your business through. 

Professional Lodging & Hospitality Merchant Services

More About Hospitality Credit Card Processing

A hotel credit card processing service is a type of payment processing service that hotels and other hospitality businesses use to accept credit card payments. Credit card processing services help hotels save time, money, and effort by handling the complicated process of accepting credit cards. They also provide the convenience of accepting all types of cards.

Hotels are increasingly looking for ways to improve their business and increase revenue without increasing costs. Credit card processing services can help them manage their expenses more effectively.

Hotel credit card processing is a service that hotels and other hospitality businesses use to receive payments. In the past, credit card processing was done manually. It has many benefits for hospitality businesses like hotels and restaurants. Hotel credit card processing helps them reduce costs by reducing the time spent on manual payment processing and by eliminating errors in manual payments.

Hotel merchant services are the customized credit card processing and sales services provided by hotels. Hotel merchants provide a variety of credit card processing and sales services to help their guests stay connected with the outside world while staying in their hotel. They also offer other types of services such as concierge, reservation, and information technology support that can help make your stay more comfortable.

Hospitality merchant services such as hospitality credit card processing are one of the most important services for hotels. It is used for transactions such as room reservations, food ordering, and other purchases made on the property. It is also used for online bookings made by guests from around the world through various channels like Web portals or mobile apps.

Hotel merchant services
Why Use Hospitality Merchant Services?
Hospitality credit card processing

Why Use Hospitality Merchant Services?

Hotel merchant services are used to help hotels process payments and provide a wide range of services. They offer a variety of benefits to hotels such as payment processing, marketing, customer management, and more.

Hotel merchant services or hospitality merchant services are used by businesses in the hospitality industry to help them process payments, provide customer service, and more. They offer a variety of benefits including payment processing, marketing, customer management, and more.

Hospitality credit card processing is a form of credit card processing that is offered by hospitality merchants or hotel merchants who accept credit cards as well as cash payments for goods or services. This type of business often has lower rates than traditional credit card processors because they do not charge the merchant for each transaction made with their service.

One company that has been providing hospitality merchant services to hotels and resorts for years is Savvy Merchants. Savvy Merchants provides a range of payment processing solutions for hotels and resorts including transaction processing, monthly statements, billing, customer service, and more.

Savvy Merchants offers hotel credit card processing and other hotel merchant services which allow hotels to process their own credit cards or accept payments from customers without having to pay any fees or commissions.

Hospitality Credit Card Processing Advantages

With the introduction of new technology, credit card processing has become easier. With a few clicks, you can process your hotel or hospitality credit card transactions online.

The advantages of credit card processing include:

  • You can process your transactions online for quick and easy payments

  • You can accept all major credit cards

  • You have the option to offer discounts or rewards for those who pay with their cards

  • You can manage your merchant accounts from one place

Hospitality Credit Card Processing Advantages

Hotel Merchant Services Offers

You need to keep your lodging business running and keep your customers coming back for a great experience of a lifetime to sort out your merchandise services. Seamless payments can uplift the entire experience of staying at a hotel, and that is why you need us.

We offer a wide range of services that leads to your ultimate success and your customer’s happiness

How Our Payment Processing Options Can Help You Build Diner Loyalty?

Scheduling Customized Or Subscription

The customers in today’s world don’t come back for just food because there are always countless other available alternatives. What they do come back for includes excellent customer experience, the ambiance of your restaurant, the ease in processing their payments, and of course, loyalty programs. Our merchant accounts can help you devise the loyalty plans for your loyal customer base. We do it all seamlessly and effectively, from scheduling customized or subscription bills to adding discount codes and vouchers and integrating them within the processing option. Because of this, your customer base is more likely to return. And to keep their interest, you’d need great plans and seamless payment processing that we can provide to you.

Extended Authorization For Payments

The need for extended authorizations for payments is what essentially makes lodging merchant accounts different than other businesses. We understand that the procedure can be somewhat foreign to someone starting new merchant services.

If you are someone like that, worry not because we have got you covered. We have just the right knowledge and expertise to help you gain a full understanding of how the whole procedure works. We help you make a complicated process easy and straightforward.

Speedy Integration Process

We know that every second in the lodging industry matters, and therefore it is crucial to have a system that saves time. Keeping this in mind, we have tailored our integration process to maintain the utmost levels of speed and efficiency.

Not only will your system provide you with uncompromised merchant services, but it will also save you precious time that you can focus on running your business instead.

Reduced Costs - Special Interchange Rates

Unlike other merchant services, ours don’t just end with the installation of terminals. We are here to help you in every possible way.

Our team of experts has a firm comprehensive grasp of interchange rates. We know what rates will apply to you and how to make them be the least possible. Your business’s success is a clear objective for us – and our services are here to prove that.

Why Are We The Right Choice For Hospitality Credit Card Processing?

With countless merchant accounts and service providers available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose and understand that.

That is why we make it easier for you to choose the very best in this business – choose us because we offer the best and business profitable services that lead to your success and productivity.

  • Completely safe and secure transactions

  • Convenient next day funding

  • Impeccable customer service guaranteed

  • Multiple payment methods such as debit and credit cards available

  • Readily available customer support team

  • Numerous payment solutions

  • In-depth business reports

  • and many other perks, just for you!

Apart from all of this, the thing that sets us apart is that our priority is your satisfaction. We will ensure that you are satisfied with the services we provide and that your clients are happy with the quick and easy methods.
Availing our merchant services will inarguably be the best decision that you make for your lodging business.

Reduced Costs - Special Interchange Rates​
Speedy Integration Process

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