Secure Payment Solutions For All Your Business Needs

Today every existing, established and emerging business needs to have robust, reliable, sustainable, and secure payment solutions. This is a need no competitive business can overlook, as it has a direct impact on profitability and growth.

Dejavoo Systems understands this requirement and aims to provide its clients with a complete and comprehensive solution. Its mission is to provide the payment industry with unique, out-of-the-box offerings of secured terminal products.

Their pride is their cloud system-based technology, cloud-based back-office applications, inventory control apps, and custom payment software, which are innovative and unique in the industry with the capacity to provide free payment processing resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and ultimate retention.

Secure Payment Solutions For All Your Business Needs


Dejavoo is committed to providing value-added features which are not only novel and unique ensuring their client’s success, but it consistently strives to set new standards for vendors, contributing down to the value chain of resellers, merchants, and their patrons. This gives them an edge over the competitors and makes them a vendor of choice for businesses with the same mindset and determination.

It offers a line of products that are amongst the most innovative and unmatched payment solutions in the industry, designed for businesses of any size and across various disciplines.



Sticking to a company that is committed to excellence is something to aspire for. This alone is a great reason to pick Dejavoo as your technology partner. In addition to this, there are many factors that can help you see why Dejavoo should be your vendor of choice.

Time is money. Logistics is tricky. Save both the hassle and the time required to engage in the shipping process of the PIN pads and terminals and get smooth & simple key encryption for them with the Remote Key Load service offered by Dejavoo Systems.
This feature alone can have a huge impact on costs, resulting in enhanced profitability.

System integration is very important to match today’s booming technological industries. Having so many options and platforms to choose from, different businesses opt for different services and solutions, which often need to be integrated with newer and better services and products for the sake of expansion and enhancements. Dejavoo systems have the capacity to provide payment systems integration, which are both secure as well as diverse. Their systems have been designed to facilitate fast and simple EMV integration with 3rd party Payment Solutions such as Tablets, POS Systems, Restaurant Management Systems, PC’s, Kiosks, etc.

Software systems need reliable hardware devices to run smoothly on. Dejavoo System does not only offer state-of-the-art software solutions but also provides an array of hardware devices to ensure their clients can offer all possible options to their customers. From countertops, pin pads & wireless payment terminals to kiosks & vending machines, they have a suitable solution that can match various businesses across industries.

The devices are speedy, secure, and reliable, with the capacity to support their free payment processing feature as well as many other unique offerings that they support businesses with.

Uniqueness and out of box solutions is what Dejavoo Systems prides on. One such option is providing zero cost credit card processing as well as free payment processing to its clients. This capability helps businesses achieve their sales targets as well as customer retention goals which directly results in business success.

Dejavoo Systems leverages the flexibility of the internet to offer STEAM web-based download systems to its clients and merchants. Ensuring automatic software updates without having to contact the merchants. Extracting and emailing files for quick sixty-second download via USB; offering data reliability; downloads via Modem, IP, WiFi, and USB Key.

To stay ahead of the competition, all businesses dream of offers and options that can keep them ahead in the game. Dajavoo Systems offers several different fee options to fit the specific needs of their many clients. Dejavoo Systems offers an extensive and growing selection of fee options to choose from, as it is a leading provider of versatile, unique, reliable, and sustainable payment software solutions. Cash discounts, custom fees, surcharge fees, merchant fees, and many other options are available to choose from.

After-sales support is a huge deciding factor when businesses are fishing for technology partners. Reliability and efficient support are one of the key needs for all types of businesses.
Dejavoo Systems have a reliable team of experienced consultants who help businesses throughout their life cycles. They are trained to help, execute, and support in every way ensuring client satisfaction and healthy vendor-client relationships.

Are you ready to raise the bar for your competitors?