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Dejavoo Z9

Dejavoo Systems - Wireless Terminals

Dejavoo Z9 or Dejavoo Systems offers a plethora of options to its clients to support them in accepting all sorts of payment options available to benefit. The efficiency and effectiveness of the payment processes depend largely on the capacity and capacity of the hardware being used. Dejavoo Systems invests heavily in its hardware as well as software solutions with the aim of helping its clients succeed.

The Dejavoo Systems wireless terminals offer dual comm flexibility, which is an ideal payment option for those who want to pay at the table.

Providing the Freedom & Benefit of Mobility:

The freedom of mobility is coupled with EMV security features and the capacity to pay from anywhere be it the countertop POS, at the table payments option, or at the checkout gate.

Dejavoo Systems - Wireless Terminals

Z9 Wireless Terminal

4G/3G & Wi-Fi Connectivity Supported

  • Comes with a larger, sleek flat screen coupled with comfortable use of wider keys

  • Is supported by a powerful battery with enhanced features for better and longer backup capacity to perform.

  • A conveniently available and universally used USB-C charging capability allows for flexibility to charge with ease and convenience.

  • A wide array of communication options is available including both 4G and 3G GPRS, offering widespread communication options.

Stand Alone & Semi-Integration Options

  • The Z9 wireless terminal offered by Dejavoo Payment Software Solutions is an ideal choice for standalone and semi-integration options.

  • With its versatile mobile PIN pad, the device can allow multiple transaction entry points

  • Using MPOS (mobile point-of-sale) devices results in increasing staff mobility, and its reliant long-lasting battery performance supports payment transactions that save costs, are error-free, and are not bound by physical limitations.

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Hardware Specifications

  • Ideal solution for restaurants, retail, service, and hospitality industry as well as small and medium-sized businesses as it helps with faster line movements and avoids clogging the payment flow.

  • Possesses expansive memory in order to support multiple applications, and uses cost-efficient and stable Linux open architecture operating system, which supports the integration of business applications with flexibility and reliance.

  • With its compact size that can fit in the palm of your hand, can give an impression of compromised and limited security. However, the wireless products offered by Dejavoo Systems are compliant with security standards, the MP220 Model is PCI PTS 4.0 and EMV 4.x L1 & L2 certified. It also comes with a built-in triple track bi-directional magnetic stripe reader and an on-screen contactless reader

QD1 Rigid Wireless Android

Bluetooth, WiFi & 4G

This product comes with the following unique features:
  • 2D zebra scanner

  • FP biometrics

  • Replaceable battery

  • 4” Touch screen

  • Secure keyboard

QD1 Rigid Wireless Android
QD2 Mobile Wireless Android

QD2 Mobile Wireless Android

Bluetooth, WiFi & 4G

This product comes with the following unique features:
  • 5.5” touch screen

  • E SIM world coverage

  • 7.4V, 2 x 2600mAh batteries

  • All-In-One DejaPayPro

QD3 mPOS Android

Bluetooth, WiFi & 4G

This product comes with the following unique features:

  • 4” touch screen

  • Multi-unit charger

  • Pocket size

  • Insertion, MSR, contactless

  • Numerous color combinations are available

Multiple wireless products are available to choose from.
QD3 mPOS Android