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Dejavoo Z11

Competent Countertop Terminals - Dejavoo Z11

The secure and EMV-certified Z-line with NFC contactless, touch screen, dial-up, IP, and Wi-fi options. These benefits are part of the competent and unmatched offerings given by Dejavoo Z11 to clients ensuring that they stay ahead of the game.

Dejavoo Systems
dejavoo hardware countertop terminals

Z8 Tri Comm

  • Contactless and Certified

    The Z8 Tri Comm is EMV and NFC contactless Built In – EMV 4. xL1 and L2 certified. This makes it more trustworthy than its counterparts available in the market.

  • Flexible and compatible

    Z8 Tri Comm takes its name from the fact that it is compatible with all three connectivity platform options – Dial-up, IP, and Wi-Fi. This makes it easier for the clients to avoid worrying about having a specific kind of connectivity and also makes it easier for them to switch between the platforms in case the need arises.

  • Display with backlight

    The hardware standalone device comes with a 2.4’’ color LCD with a backlight option, making it easy to use and portable.

  • Model Specifications

    PCI PTS v4.x Certification is part of the Vega 3000 model, making the device up to date with adaptive and updated technology to suit any environment.

  • Enough working memory to support all operations

    The device has a good amount of inbuilt working 192 MB (128 MB RAM / 64 MB DDR RAM) memory. This ensures the smooth running of the device without uncalled-for hang-ups and disruptions.

  • Enhanced connectivity detection feature

    The device has the capability to connect to Wi-Fi easily as it is self-discovering, so the terminal can easily find all available networks and doesn’t go offline and cause gaps in operations.

  • Payment platform compatibility

    The product is compatible with Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Samsung Pay,. It also works with MasterCard PayPass and Visa PayWave. This makes it suited for all kinds of business needs and locations.

  • Robust microprocessor

    Comes with 32bits 400MHz high-speed microprocessor – ensures swift and on-time transactions all time.

  • Display and printing option

    Allows the user to display the logo on the screen as well as gives the option to print the logo on the transaction receipts.

Z11 Credit Card Machine

Z11 Credit Card Machine includes ALL the features of Z8 Tri Comm and has an additional touch screen option to give an added feature of enhancement to suit business needs.

  • Touch Screen Device

    Z11 Credit Card Machine has a 3.5” TFT LCD with a PCT touch screen, which offers an option for signature on the screen, making it easier and time-saving for the customers as well as the merchant.

  • Attractive display

    Along with a bigger display screen, this product comes with the feature to scroll multiple images when in idle mode on the terminal display.

  • Flexible signature capacity

    Z11 Credit Card Machine provides an additional option to those businesses that have a need for signature capture and to upload it on the DeNovo business portal. The device also offers great solutions for SPIn integration to POS systems.

dejavoo hardware countertop terminals

Elevate your payment experience with cutting-edge technology of Dejavoo Z11!