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Multiple Payment Options - The Need Of Hour

Gone are the days when paying for purchases was simple and straightforward. The advancement of technology has spoiled today’s consumers with choices as well as convenience. Having multiple payment possibilities to choose from is not an option anymore, it’s a necessity. Retailers are forced to always provide all of these across all channels.
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One-stop free payment processing solution for all your payment needs

Providing multiple options which are convenient, flexible, and professional – specifically designed to cater to all the needs of the new age consumer is what Clover does best. To support handling of all transactions related to virtual as well as POS devices, there are a plethora of credit card processing tools provided, which let retailers email invoices, set up recurring payments, or accept payments online.

Offering no fee merchant services

These services come with some overhead costs which can often translate into fees and credit card These services come with some overhead costs which can often translate into fees and credit card surcharges leading to customer annoyance. Clover recognizes that in the competitive marketing scenario of today, this ALONE could be a deciding factor for customer retention.

In order to enhance the customer experience as well as providing secure and quick processing at a low price for companies, Clover offers a free credit card processing option. In Clover’s books, quality credit card processing for a retail merchant account does not have to come with a high price tag. Hence, it invites all businesses to take advantage of their zero-cost credit card processing to increase customer satisfaction.

From offering free payment processing to customers so they can avail no fee merchant services to the convenience and reliability available for the merchants, opting for Clover’s services is obvious. By ensuring zero-cost processing on all credit card transactions, Clover offers solutions that keep businesses totally compliant, and ready to accept credit cards without any equipment requirements. This surcharge is not passed onto the customers who choose to use a credit card, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

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Top Reasons To Choose Clover

Apart from offering free payment processing across all platforms that your business utilizes, it also takes care of all your accounting needs. From accepting free credit card processing payments via point of sales, payment processing via online selling, and all virtual forms of payments to the installation of hardware devices and generating invoices, Clover has it all covered.

Reliable And Secure

The security system installed in Clover’s hardware devices and network installations protects all payments end-to-end for both the businesses and clients' sensitive data. Reliability is at the heart of Clover’s vision, and it understands that businesses need to have such systems in place which can deliver each and every time without fail. Whether you sell coffee or memberships, all purchases are more secure and trackable using Clover.

Futuristic Solutions

The POS systems at Clover are built for speedy executions, accurate processing, and sustainable growth in order to ensure their client’s success. Simply put these solutions grow with the growth of their clients and their cloud-based platform provides support for all their enhancement needs.

Custom‑tailored For Success

Clover recognizes their client’s need for integration with other payment solutions. It helps improve their payments and operations, taking payments in person or remotely. Clover enables integration with QuickBooks and Xero as well.

All In-one System To Help The Business Thrive

Solutions for tracking and reporting the business operations by using powerful analytics tools to gain real-time insights into the sales trends and data that are driving their business and track key metrics like revenue and performance are available with Clover systems.
Inventory management support via Clover’s enhanced Inventory app which makes it easier to manage menus, merchandise, and service offerings — not just for online orders, but for all POS transactions and that too with no fee merchant services model.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Amongst the many features provided by Clover, one of the most important ones is providing meaningful and insightful customer data. Customers are the heart of a business, knowing them, and their preferences, and keeping them satisfied better than the competition is what it really is all about.

Strong customer relationships are supported by Clover as it provides access to insights into customer behavior patterns and by making it easier and more fluid for the customer to have a delightful and smooth experience.

Effective Employees Management

Just as important as the customers are for any business, so are its employees. Clover knows that! and it provides solutions to help ensure strong employee management – more sync between the employees leads to fewer erroneous processes resulting in smoother services provided to customers, making it a winning strategy for any business.

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