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Clover Station Solo

All‑in‑one POS - Clover Station Solo

Clover Station Solo gives businesses the capability to accept payments and run their businesses with a flexible point-of-sale system. 

It works around the clock twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Clover Solo POS supports all the business operations and helps the management to have the right insights and gives them more time to focus on taking decisions that can take them to enhanced profitability.

Station Solo: All‑In‑One POS ​
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Appropriate and effective tools to get the work done

  • More Flexibility

    The 14” high-definition touch screen is an ideal table top for the clients to work fast and easy, from inventory and employee management to payments and reporting.

  • Readymade to use

    Clover Solo POS is ready-made to be used as it does not require complex installations and configuration settings. The hardware comes equipped with a cash drawer and receipt printer which is all a business needs to start using the system immediately.

  • Synchronized approach to business

    Clover Station Solo enables the businesses to keep their processes and data synchronized so the communication between the staff and management stays intact and there is no gap between the business processes.

One stop shop

  • Growth capacity

    Station Solo works with convenience and agility with every other Clover device, to help their clients build a system that scales as their business grows.

  • Easier payments

    Clover Solo POS helps the clients in taking all forms of payments from swipe or dip payments from all major credit cards.

  • Reliable, safe, and robust

    Clover Station Solo offers plenty of processing power to help you run the business operations more effectively and efficiently in a more reliable and secure manner. Even with all these options available, the speed of operations is not compromised making the solution robust and efficient.

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Freedom of operations

  • Let the data do the talking

    Data is gold for any business. Being able to extract meaning out of the senseless numbers can help businesses make decisions that help them analyze how the business did today, last week, or last year. Clover Solo POS helps its clients discover the patterns and trends driving their sales.

  • Staff Management made easy

    Data regarding internal customers holds a lot of importance. Clover Solo POS allows users to run reports to help businesses see how their employees are performing, helps manage their schedules and timesheets, and set permission levels to keep track of their performances.

  • Speedy and on-point payments

    Being away from the counter does not mean that the business has to suffer in terms of payment acceptance. Clover Solo POS ensures customers can still pay with options like Clover Virtual Terminal, invoicing, and recurring payments.

Top Reasons To Choose Clover Station Solo

Clover Rapid Deposit lets its clients transfer funds quickly to their bank accounts. Allows them to help their customers access funds any time round the clock and from anywhere in the world.

All future credit card sales can be converted to working capital, with clear and easy payback terms that help Clover give their clients the flexibility to grow their business.

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Clover Solo POS details

Payments: Accepts chip and swipe payments 
Screen: 14″ high-definition display, tiltable
Receipt printer: High-speed thermal dot receipt printer
Security: Clover Security end-to-end encryption
Camera & Scanner: Dual 5 mega-pixel cameras with scanning software
Connectivity: WiFi, ethernet, and 4G/LTE connectivity
Cash Drawer: Includes a bill tray, coin tray, two keys, and a security cable

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