Cover Go POS System

Pocket size POS on the go - Cover Go POS System

Cover Go POS System is the payment solution you need when you are a business with needs to trot around and stay connected to the operations. This solution allows businesses to take their offerings to their customers. This is whether at the local farmer’s market or at a client’s job site. The Go app and Clover Go Card Reader are easy to use and give you the power of a complete POS anywhere there is a Wi-Fi or a cellular connection.

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Mobile payments

  • Low fees every time

    Lesser the fee, happier the customers. This formula is true across industries and across the globe. The businesses can allow their clients to pair the Cover Go app with the Clover Go Card Reader for their phones. Then, accept swipe, dip, or contactless payments that have lower fees.

  • Ease of usability

    Easy to use and comprehend, the Clover app is also super quick to download and extremely easy to configure to use, so management can start processing sales right away.

  • iOS and Android compatible

    A compatible app that works on all the major operating systems so, no it doesn’t matter what type of phone it is installed on, Clover works with ease and convenience.

Business Management made easy and profitable

  • Synchronization capacity

    No matter how many Clover products are being used, they can be easily synched with Clover dashboard so real-time business picture is always available to be used and made decisions.

  • Adaptable and customizable

    Every business has unique needs and offerings to keep them ahead in their respective industry. Clover allows its clients to set discounts, record tips, and applicable tax rates relevant to their business directly through the POS dashboard on their phone. This makes it super easy, convenient, and adaptable for all businesses.

  • The big picture

    Being able to look at the big picture with ease and without having to rely on logistics is a big plus. Clover allows the business to view their entire transactions history, including open, pending, and completed transactions whether they’re generated from the Clover Go Card Reader or from any other supporting or paired Clover device.

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Cover Go POS System Details

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Payments: Accepts chip, swipe, and contactless payments including Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, and Samsung Pay®
Digital Receipts: Stores digital receipts and can email or text to customer-provided contact information
Security: Clover Security Plus
Connectivity: Micro USB for charging, Bluetooth® to mobile device for payments

Take your business to the next level by investing in Cover Go POS System!