Clover Flex POS

Flex: the handheld POS system

One of the biggest blessings of technology is a POS payment solution. Whether the payment needs to be paid at the counter, in a line, at the table, or in a field, Clover helps businesses serve their customers better with their state of art Clover Flex POS handheld system.

A one stop solution for all the payment needs is built into this all-in-one device. Equipping their clients to provide the capability to accept payments, conduct business, and track sales, all from one handheld device. Clover Flex also provides a built-in free payment processing option, which boosts customer experience by eliminating credit card processing fees.

The Handheld POS System
Business Made Easy From The Palm Of Your Hand ​

Clover Handheld POS - Business made easy from the palm of your hand

This all-in-one device helps you assist your client in all their needs!
  • The Clover Flex POS has a five-inch touchscreen console and comes with an in-built printer, barcode scanner, and a camera for inventory handling, table-side ordering, and other types of payments. 

  • Every type of payment can be handled by Flex no matter where the client’s business goes. They can swipe, tap, dip, or even opt for a contactless method of payment.

  • 100% mobile handheld POS can be used as a stand-alone device to run your client’s whole business or can be paired with other Clover devices to create a complete location solution.

Offering Robust, Secure and Flex-able solutions

  • Ready. Set. Go

    Clover Handheld is a ready-to-use device as it requires no setup or training. The clients can start taking orders immediately with this handheld credit card machine as soon as it is unboxed!

  • Universal Accessibility

    The business goes, wherever the client goes. Accessibility to all the data, and information is always available for the client to make needed decisions and never stay out of touch.

  • Customization capability

    Clover Flex POS is a small device with big power, as it offers the same level of customization and configuration capability as any of their larger devices do. This makes it super easy for the clients to run their business from the palm of their hands.

  • Tracking made convenient

    Allows businesses to assign categories, labels, modifiers, and variants to keep their inventory organized and updated.

  • Employee management

    Data regarding internal customers is as important as that for external customers. Clover Handheld allows users to run reports to help businesses see how their employees are performing, manage their schedules and timesheets, and set permission levels to keep track of their performances.

  • Customer Loyalty

    Clover Flex allows developing an effective and engaging loyalty program in minutes, absolutely free and without any liabilities.

  • Efficient funds access

    Clover Flex lets its clients help customers get access to their funds any time and from anywhere making it very convenient and easy to make on-time payments.

Streamline your operations with Clover Handheld POS, transforming the way you do business.