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Unlock the Power of Cash Discounts for Your Business

Drive Sales, Enhance Liquidity, and Delight Customers with Cash Discount. Customers enjoy a lower price, and merchants avoid credit card processing fees while receiving the full product value.

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Cost Savings

By automatically adjusting credit card transactions to include a small markup, our no-cost payment processing eliminates the burden of credit card processing fees. This means more money stays in your business, increasing your profit margins without any hidden charges.

Simplified Financial Management

Our precision-programmed terminals streamline payment handling, making accounting and bookkeeping easier. With automatic fee adjustments, you spend less time on manual calculations and more time focusing on growing your business. Simplified financial management leads to fewer errors and more efficient operations.

Enhanced Cash Flow

No-cost payment processing ensures that you receive the full payment amount without deductions for processing fees. This results in better cash flow, giving you more liquidity to reinvest in your business, manage expenses, and seize new opportunities for growth.

How Our Cash Discount Benefits Merchants

Smart Terminals, No-Cost Processing. Programmed with precision rules to handle payments seamlessly. 

Why Choose Our Cash Discount Program?

Large Discounts

Our cash discount program offers large discounts for all our customers.

Saves you Money

Using cash saves money on card fees and interest rates.

Guaranteed Security

Our cash discount program guarantees security and peace of mind for all our customers.

Easy to Implement

Our cash discount program is quick and easy to implement into your business.

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