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The number of card users has been consistently increasing over the years, yet for merchants, the processing and service fees that come with every transaction is still out of their control.
A cash discount program allows merchants to offset some or all of the related processing or service fees without increasing their overall prices. Instead of paying for merchant processing, all credit card processing fees are passed onto the customer, which means customers gain a discount when paying with cash.

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If you want to acquire cash discount program merchant services but are still on the fence about committing to it, let these reasons further convince you:

Reduce or Eliminate Credit Processing Fees​

The average fees often shouldered by merchants is found to be somewhere near 2% of each purchase made. For others, they might be required to pay a separate monthly fee to cover the costs of card readers! A cash discount credit card processing resolves this typical problem of merchants by reducing or at best, eliminating the fees associated with every credit or debit card processing of sales transactions. These fees are often the ones that cut into their profit margins which might be a bigger handicap, especially for small and medium-sized merchants.

Through effective cash discount program merchant services, merchants will offer their customers two different prices— one for credit cards and another for customers paying cash. Of course, customers choosing to pay with cash will pay a lower price hence, the “cash discount”. Customers that choose to pay with their cards, however, will pay a slightly higher price to cover the costs of the processing fees effectively shifting the burden of the fees to the customers.

Avoid Chargebacks​

Common trouble often met by merchants is when a dispute is raised over a transaction made which often happens with credit card-paying customers. As such, merchants get the shorter end of the stick since aside from shouldering the processing fees, they don’t get paid for the purchases made until the investigation is completed. By implementing a cash discount program, the frequency of card payment reduces resulting in a lesser occurrence of chargebacks among customers.

Attract More Customers Especially Bargain Hunters

Everybody loves a discount! Regardless of a person’s income, everyone wants a bargain whether it’s for big splurges or everyday necessities. It is for such a reason that a merchant acquiring any of the cash discount merchant services will get to entice a lot of customers into their stores. With the promise of a lesser amount to pay by simply paying with cash instead of cards, customers will take the bait. By acquiring the best cash discount program, a merchant will not only increase his sales by shifting the burden of processing fees to customers but will also get bargain hunters to return to his store.

Increases Your Business’ Cash Flow

While there are still a lot of consumers using their cards to pay for their in-store purchases, offering a discount will surely motivate them to pay in cash.  A merchant acquiring cash discount merchant services simply incentivizes cash payments and results in a merchant gaining faster access to their sales revenue instead of waiting for long processing times.

As a result, a merchant will get to easily pay for business expenses such as payroll and suppliers and will most likely easily expand their business. Nevertheless, if a customer chooses to pay with his card, a merchant acquiring cash discount program merchant services won’t have to worry about the resulting processing fees associated with debit and credit card transactions.

Find the Best Cash Discount Program For Your Business!

Indeed, acquiring a cash discount credit card processing program provides a lot of advantages for merchants.  Therefore, if you choose to acquire such a program, choose the best cash discount program that is available in your area. Coincidentally, [company name] offers the best cash discount program here in Bridgeview, Chicago, USA!

With us, we guarantee that we offer our services in transparent pricing that will make availing of a cash discount program a true advantage on your part. Contact Savvy Merchant today to learn more about our cash discount program and other related payment processing solutions that will help you further boost your business starting today!

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