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Eliminate your merchant processing fees and switch to zero cost credit card processing.

Please attach a recent credit card statement for a savings analysis.

Eliminate fees

The number of card users has been steadily increasing, yet the merchant is still always getting the short end of the stick. By switching to zero cost credit card processing, you can save tens of thousands each year by adding a small service fee to every credit card transaction.

No Contracts

Our commitment is to making sure businesses thrive with our services and support, and we always honor the owners business decisions. Along with our savings guarantee, we ensure that businesses are not locked into any contracts, and can make adjustments as they see fit.  

Increase Cash Flow

While there are a lot of consumers using their cards for in-store purchases, offering a discounted rate for cash purchases will surely motivate cash payments. A merchant acquiring cash discount merchant services simply incentivizes cash payments and results in faster access to their sales revenue.


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We as a Merchant services provider are proud to help businesses thrive. Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with our clients founded on honesty and trust. 65% of our clients come from referrals.
I own a restaurant and I got the clover station from Savvy Merchant. they came installed the equipment and explained everything. Fees are OK and the service is perfect, they always answered my calls and concerns.
Restaurant Owner
I felt I have to write this to be fair with them as they really worked hard with me. I switched with them based on a friend’s recommendation, everything was going well until I discovered the old merchant was still charging me even after I have canceled with them. Savvy Merchant Serviceswalked me through the process and advised me to how to stop this and get rid of the old charges. THANK YOU GUYS.
Salon Manager
I signed up with Savvy Merchant Services for my mechanic shop. One day a customer of mine made a dispute on a transaction with a big amount. They helped me fight the dispute and get my money back. It took 7 days but Thank you for standing by me.
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Get Zero Fee Credit Card Processing

Zero cost credit card processing is the latest trend in the industry. The credit card processing companies offer these services for free without charging any money from the merchant. The zero cost credit card processing is becoming an increasingly popular service among merchants, especially small and medium-sized businesses.

However, this service is not available to all types of merchants. For example, if you are a high-risk merchant, then you will be charged a higher fee than those who are low-risk and have a better payment history.

The cost of credit card processing is one of the biggest factors in deciding whether to accept a customer’s credit card. If you are not charging a fee, then you are likely to lose money. However, there is an option that doesn’t charge any fees: zero fee credit card processing.

There are many benefits to zero cost credit card processing. The main benefit is that it eliminates all costs associated with accepting credit cards, including merchant account setup and monthly fees. This means that companies can save up to $150 per month on average by using zero cost credit card processing services.

Avail Zero Credit Card Processing Fees

The benefits of using zero fee credit card processing are many. Businesses that use this type of service will be able to save money on their monthly expenses, increase their profits and improve the customer experience.

The first benefit of zero fee credit card processing that businesses will see is an increase in profits. This is because they have zero credit card processing fees, which can account for up to 3% of their revenue. This means that they can get an instant return on investment by switching to a company like ours.

Secondly, customers will be able to use the service without being charged any additional fees for using it. This is a huge advantage because zero credit card processing fees allow them to spend more money with your business and not have any worries about hidden costs or surprise charges from other companies.

Zero credit card processing fees are a big part of any business. It is the process that takes credit card information and converts it into a digital format, which can be used to purchase goods and services. The main reason for the need for credit card processing is that most transactions are done electronically these days, not by cash or check.