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Pay 0% in Fees. Keep 100% of your profits.

Seamless credit card processing with no monthly fee and no fee merchant services — unleash your business’s full potential

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Please attach a recent credit card statement for a savings analysis.


Emerging out of curiosity.

We are a privately owned, ISO 20022 standard certified payment processing company.

Simply put, it is the global financial data transmission standard.

The thing is… before we got to this point, we were no different than the business owners and we help today.

We became payment processors in an attempt to reduce the fees we paid in payment processing… and it worked!

Payment processing fees are part of the game of business.
But, you don’t have to be the one paying the fee.

Reliable And Free Credit Card Processing

How We Serve Merchants in 2024

No Fee Merchant Services - Cash Discount Program

Eliminate fees

The number of card users has been steadily increasing, yet the merchant is still consistently getting the short end of the stick. With no fee merchant services, you can save tens of thousands each year.

High Security

Our processing systems prioritize the security of our merchants' transactions by strictly adhering to PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance standards. This commitment ensures that all payment data is processed, stored, and transmitted securely, protecting both merchants and their customers from potential breaches.

Increase Cash Flow

Merchants who participate in this the Cash Discount Program realize an instant increase in their operational cash flow, enabling them to reinvest in their business, improve services, and manage financial obligations more effectively.

credit card processing with no monthly fee

Challenge us with your current processing statement and watch us work to lower your costs within 72 hours

We’re dedicated to delivering exceptional value, which includes eliminating monthly fees from your credit card processing.

Payment Processing Solutions Lower Rates


Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients founded on honesty and trust. 65% of our clients come from referrals.

We signed up with Savvy Merchant Services for the cost savings. We will stay with them as over 4 years we have never lost a chargeback. They dispute the transactions on our behalf and make sure we get our money back. This has happened 5 times! Thank you for standing by me.


VP of Sales - Manufacturing

I felt I have to write this to be fair with them as they really worked hard with me. I worked with them based on a friend’s recommendation, everything was going well until I discovered the old merchant was still charging me even after I have canceled with them. Savvy Merchant Services walked me through the process of getting my money back. THANK YOU GUYS.


CEO - Online Business

I got the clover station from Savvy Merchant. They programmed the equipment with my employee info, menu, and inventory. We just plugged it in and got back to business. Customer Service is perfect, they worked with me through many questions I had over the phone.


GM - Multi-Location Restaurant Owner